#NFTLionCubs – Which one will YOU Choose?

More than 1 Trillion Possibilities.

The offspring of the original 100 OG NFTLions, with a family tree to trace the parents and their handlers, only 5,000 will be born.

Spend time on the generator to generate as many cubs as you like. When YOU are happy hit MINT and NAME and BIRTH your very own NFTLionCub.

0.07 ETH + GAS

Mint on the Generator

Gas Checker: ETHERSCAN


Unique Backgrounds.


Body Types including 100 from the OG lions.


Eye Combinations.


Accessories & Toys. With 8 seperate layers

Princes & Princesses
Of The NFT Jungle

Name Your Own

2048px X 2048px Resolution Artwork

Priority Access to Virtual & Physical Stages



The NFTS Space is a Jungle with so many PFP projects, Apes & Creatures of all shapes and sizes. At The time The BAYC introduced APES to The World The Lions were created to restore Chaos & Order simultaneously in the jungle.

Kings & Queens of The NFT Jungle The NFTLions are more than iconic pieces of art on the blockchain they also have 3D unlockable content. The Lions are a Power Network of Legends & Friends from celebrities to Key Community Artists & Early adopters to the NFTS Space New OG’s to The Blockchain.

Diamond Passes & Access to Ricky & His Network

Whilst YOU own your NFTLion or NFTLion Cub, you are FREE to use your Lions however you wish, print, press, marketing, clothing, merchandise in your artwork. IP rights will belong to you.

Whilst this is the case we will retain the ability to use the Lions in all commercial advertising and NFTJungle projects. Which inturn will also potentially increase the value of your investment.

An NFT is a non-fungible token that is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files.

I like to refer to them in the art form as a capsule of time and expression. Something that can be owned by many and only a few but admired by everyone.

As an NFT collector and creator, I get to view my personal art gallery in my pocket take it with me everywhere and enjoy art wherever I am unlock-able content allows you to print some of your favourite pieces and the joys of the blockchain mean the art whilst you own it is tied to you and the artist. A community like no other on the planet.

The Family Tree is unique to the NFTLions & NFTLionCubs with The Family Tree you are able to connect with your OG NFTlion Parent and or Siblings or children of your lion.

What better way to reach out to legends, friends & family of the Prides than being related to them.

Have fun creating on the generator and take a look at all the relationships so far by visiting the FAMILY TREE it may take a little while at first to load but will get quicker each time.

Who is your #NFTLion or #NFTLionCub related to can you spot similar traits & body types from the OF #NFTlions.