Welcome to the #NFTJungle Games



Welcome to the GAMES page here we will be updating what games will be going into production as well as showing the #NFTJungleApes Leaderboard.

If you would like to play NFTJungle Crazy Golf be sure to mint yourself an NFTJungleApe as this will be the only way you will be able to compete.

Future Prizes & Tournaments will be announced in discord but 2023 is going to be Apetastic watch this space. So much is cooking….


The first series of NFTJungle Apes. These Apes are pushing the boundaries of content & functionality. One of the First 3D Animated PFP projects on the blockchain.

Each Ape is a 3D animation or Dance, whilst also including an iconic PFP image & much, much more…

Mint Apes.



The offspring of the original 100 OG NFTLions, with a family tree to trace the parents and their handlers, only 5,000 will be born.

Use the generator to create & name a personalised NFTLionCub with over 1 trillion possibilities.

Mint Lion Cubs.



The Original 100 OG NFTLions. The first Lions of The Blockchain & NFT History. Hand-crafted by Ricky O’Donnell & The Team at RJDM Studios.

A SOLD OUT collection that is now available only on secondary NFT market platforms.