#NFTJungle – Apes NOW Minting 0.02 eth

Only 1,000 Apes in S1.

The first series of NFTJungle Apes. These Apes are pushing the boundaries of content & functionality. One of the First 3D Animated PFP projects on the blockchain.

Each Ape is a unique piece of ArtΒ  &Β  a 3D Animation or Dance, whilst also including an iconic PFP image & much, much more…

0.02 ETH + GAS

These apes are way more than your standard pfp. They are dynamic #nfts, Avatars for the Metaverse, downloadable files & the IP to the Ape is Yours. Augmented Reality Fun on the Dance Floor.

(Created & Curated by an AWARD WINNING Director & Team)

What else is included

Β  Animated GLB files
Β  STL Files
Β  USDZ AR Files (Augmented Reality)
Β  Access to a 3D Profile Creator
Β  Head & Full body profiles
Β  Highres iconic seated pose
Β  Access to a ROARSOME community
Β  Ability to use your Ape in NFTJungle GAMES

All accessible when you connect to Jungle Login My Apes.

Mint YOUR Apes Today.



NFTJungle Apes are 3D Animated NFTS who express themselves through the medium of dance & Augmented Reality

Play with YOUR #NFTJungleApe in AR

Lights Camera Action

Whoop! Whoop!

You can now record yourself as your very own #NFTJungleApe have endless fun creating content for social media or just have fun.

Be sure to play with all the new features


Whilst YOU own your Ape, you are FREE to use your Ape however you wish, print, press, marketing, clothing, merchandise in your artwork. IP rights will belong to you.

Whilst this is the case we will retain the ability to use the Apes in all commercial advertising and NFTJungle projects.

Which inturn will also potentially increase the value of your investment.

The link for minting will be viewable to holders of #NFTLions & #NFTLionCubs in the NFTJungle Login Area when launched.

Then available to additional phases after the Pride have minted.

Minting starts from Monday the 22nd August 9am GMT +1

Phase 1 – Drop
NFT Lions able to mint & claim Monday 22nd August 9am GMT +1 when you mint if you own a lion the cost of the Ape will automatically be removed when minting depending on the number of lions you own.

Phase 2 – Drop 2
NFT Lion Cubs able to mint Monday 22nd August 9am GMT +1

Phase 3 – Drop 3
NFT Digital Brew holders able to mint Monday 29th August 9am GMT +1

Phase 4 – Drop 4
Public Minting will be live 31st August 4pm GMT + 1

If you own an #NFTLion you will be able to MINT an #NFTJungleApe for FREE when you come to mint, the price of the Ape will automatically be taken off and you will pay gas only.

If you wanted to mint 2 or 3 Apes and you own a NFTLion 1 Ape cost will be taken off for every NFTLion you own.

*note: As there are only 1,000 Apes if you do not mint your Ape quick it could be lost as #NFTLionCubs are also able to Mint Apes. Lions & Lion Cub holders have unlimited minting before public sale

The Reveal date for the #NFTJungleApes will be in batches with the first batch of Apes revealed on Friday the 2nd September.

6 pm GMT (UK Time).
10 am Pacific Time.
3 am ACT

It is a our intention to have a reveal party! in the #Metaverse Whoop! πŸ™ŒΒ  Whoop! πŸ™Œ

We know a lot of the community are busy balancing irl jobs & #NFTLife so having a reveal on Friday seemed the right thing to do.

Apes purchased up to 5pm on Friday the 2nd September will be revealed.

Remaining #NFTJungleApes will be revealed each day until SOLD OUT as we are manually revealing the Apes we will endeavour to reveal as soon as we see a purchase but usually by the end of each working day if not sooner.

Here is a link to the official collection